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Friday, January 8, 2010

A week has passed now. Lots of changes and things to get used to. I spent the first couple days back from the desert crawling on knee pads and just getting around the house. Watched a lot of Rome and did my best not to feel bad about myself. Being down and out is not so easy for me, however I will find the best in it. Jessy has been so wonderful to me, helping me every step of the way. The emergency room was fast and easy. Rather painless. I will now be able to replace the vicodin I used up. To those of you who travel with them, thank you so much. What an amazing New Years I had.

Today after three doctors and a CT Scan I was told I don’t need surgery. That was what I was hoping to hear. I wasn’t looking forward to putting metal and screws in to my heel. Now it looks like life will take care of the rest. A little time to heal the bones, physical therapy to keep my ankle loose and moving and I will hope to be back on my feet. Doc. says two months before I begin to put weight on my left heel.

In the mean time I will be the guy with the crutches and two big goofy boots. Doc says all my fractures are clean and just need time.

Thank you all for your support. It helps so much to know how supportive our huge family is. I feel so lucky. I have not been able to keep up with all the emails and have been unable to return many of the calls.

To those of you who have been so generous and kind as to donate some financial support, I can’t thank you enough. Reaching out for this kind of support never feels good. I am fortunate to be the sucker who pays for health insurance every month. Trying not to be a burden to the family I feel the obligation to be as self reliant as possible. Sadly the insurance has a $1500.00 deductible, of which I am not in the position to pay right now. I am trying to have it waived, but as we all know, doctors and hospitals are not in the business of compassion.

I’ll keep everyone updated as to my progress, and hope to see some of you out and about. Matthew has been so kind as to organize a benefit for the victims of New Years Eve 2009 / Slab City. That would be myself and Lucas. Im sure you have all heard his situation. So yea Matthew is hosting us at Amnesia on Sunday the 17th.

Thanks: Marcus

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  1. Lots of love and support coming from the north! be good to yourself while you must slow down and recover. Lots of time to think, just keep it positive!