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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thank You!!!

Not only have we received calls, texts and facebook messages from far and wide with good tidings and comforting words of support and hopes for speedy recovery and offers of wheelchairs, but there have been house calls with surprise friends and lasagna!! and movies! Every bit of love and encouragement helps. We have also been notified of several generous monetary donations by friends, family and co-workers. A very big THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! That medical insurance deductible ain't cheap!

So here's something to chew on for a moment... Marcus got a CAT Scan today. His doctor will be able to discern from the information this gives us whether or not surgery will be necessary for proper healing and long-term functionality. The X-Rays alone were not enough to be certain. We are expecting a call tomorrow.

Thanks for tuning in!
Until next time!

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